Choni G is South Africa’s top Jewish Wedding Singer performing at weddings both locally and abroad. With his soulful voice and modern take on ancient melodies, he is in a class of his own. His angelic voice creates the most meaningful atmosphere at every wedding. Choni understands that each wedding is unique, producing a personalized spiritual moment for the Bride and Groom. His fresh take on Jewish Music creates an incredible energy for Horah’s and his revolutionary approach to Benching creates a vibe that won’t be forgotten.

New videos coming soon !

Choni G Horah's - "Am Yisrael Chai" / Goldfish "Hold Tight" mashup

Choni G - Sheva Brachot/Benching - You raise me up

Choni G - Horah's (Paul Simon/Carlebach)

Choni G - Horah's - Party Rock / OY

Choni G - Horah's (Goldfish/Carlebach mashup)

Thank you for making my son Saul and daughter-in-law Inna Shain’s wedding so magical. You have such a beautiful voice. The chuppah service was brilliant. The horrah’s were vibey and wild as usual. Benching I have never seen so many youngsters sit around for benching. Not surprised your version was sensational. Thanks for helping make a memorable day.
— Marian Shain - JHB